CONNECTme @ Home

25 Mbps (download)

CONNECTme @ Community

25 Mbps (download)

CONNECTme @ Home

1 antenna + 1 satellite modem

CONNECTme @ Community

Not applicable

Those who registered their interest before 8th March 2018 are eligible to receive a free WiFi access point. For other users, the WiFi access point is available as an add-on.

Satellites are placed 36,000km away from Earth for ground antennas to be pointed to satellite without having to track the satellite's motion. Thus, it takes data one quarter of a second to reach the satellite. Real-time games and applications may find this unfavorable, but the experience should be fine for web browsing, video streaming and VOIP calls.

Yes, you may experience slower internet service typically 15 - 30 minutes during a downpour. When rain is excessive, outages could be longer than 30 minutes.

In a standard installation, an antenna is attached to a wall or roof using standard mounting brackets to point to our satellite. Two (2) RF cables (standard length up to 30m) are then wired from the antenna into your premise. Inside your premise, the RF cables would be connected to the satellite modem which requires power from a typical wall socket. To access internet services one could use a network (RJ45) cable to connect the satellite modem to a WiFi Access Point or computer.

We expect installations to be completed typically within two working days from sign-up approval, subject to your availability and the availability of our installers.

Any devices with WiFi functionality can access our service through a WiFi access point.

VPN and other remote computer access software used to connect business servers to at-home workers, may experience slower speeds. Some VPNs may not work at all.

All uploaded and downloaded data you use will be measured starting from the first day of your monthly billing period.

You can monitor your usage and will be notified if your data is exhausted.

You will be able to purchase more data via our customer portal and will be able to use it within minutes.

No, you do not require a telephone line.

Typical "turn-based" games (Chess, Casino, Facebook games) are possible, however "real-time" games (Call of Duty, Counterstrike) is not suitable.

Contract & Fees

  1. When you begin the signup process, CONNECTme will require a deposit of RM398.00. We will then apply for an AA (Apparatus Assignment) license from MCMC (Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission) for equipment that will be installed at your premises. Usually this will take 7-21 days but may take up to 60 days as per MCMC’s charter. If an AA cannot be obtained, CONNECTme will refund the deposit.
  2. When the AA license is approved, CONNECTme will inform you via email to complete signup within 14 days including any remaining payments. Beyond 14 days, your deposit will be forfeited and you will have to re-apply.
    Payments to complete sign-up:
    For CONNECTme@Home (Lite): RM100
    For CONNECTme@Home (Fixed): RM250
    For CONNECTme@Home (On-Demand): RM2,090.00
    Deposit of RM398.00 will be used to offset total payments due.
  3. Upon payment receipt, CONNECTme installer will contact you within 2 business days to arrange a convenient installation time and date. Please note that the installer may need to perform some minor drilling for a proper installation.
  4. Installation will complete in 1-2 hours, after which you can experience CONNECTme broadband internet.
CONNECTme @ Home

RM248 per month

RM450 per month

From RM25 per GB

CONNECTme @ Community

RM10 per GB (Day Pass)

You will be directed to a payment page to purchase additional data.

An initial deposit equivalent to one month’s fee of CONNECTme@Home(Fixed) will be required. Once signup is approved, this deposit will be used to offset the startup fees.

Please refer to “How does the signup process work for CONNECTme@Home (Fixed) and CONNECTme@Home (On-Demand)?” for more details.

Standard installation costs RM250 and is already included in the Startup Fee for both Fixed and On-Demand packages.

Non-standard installations, or installation in remote areas, may carry a surcharge which will be advised on a case by case basis depending on additional logistics or material required to complete the installation.

For more information on standard installation please refer to “What is a standard typical installation?” above.

Please refer to “How does the signup process work for CONNECTme@Home (Fixed) and CONNECTme@Home (On-Demand)?” for further info.

CONNECTme @ Home

12 month contract

6 month contract

Not applicable

CONNECTme @Community

Not Applicable


Via our mobile app chat function or support hotline.

Via our mobile app or customer portal, accessible via our website.

You don't need to! Any home in Malaysia is within our coverage area.

Two-way satellite services require an Apparatus Assignment which are approved by MCMC typically within two (2) weeks but may take up to 60 days. Once approved you may begin installing and using our services.

You will be able to relocate your service with a one-time relocation fee.